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"Bringing our farm to your family's table"

Walker Farm was established in 1897 by Thomas Walker who purchased it for his son, William Walker. At the time, the farm was spread out over several hundred acres east of River Falls. It produced mostly potatoes, cabbage and hay/oats for the livestock. The farm kept a variety of animals on the property for the family to live off of and some, like the plow horses, even helped with the work on the farm. As time moved on the horses left and in came more dairy cows. Walker Farm was a dairy operation from the mid 1900's to spring of 2015 at which time both Paul Walker and the cows retired.

Now the next generation continues the tradition of working on the farm with Hans-Paul and his wife Steffanie. Hans-Paul has been building the beef herd and pig population while Steffanie has brought the equine back to the farm. 

The Walker Farm today is roughly 215 acres and runs crops of soy bean, corn, wheat and hay. We currently have grass raised beef, pigs, sheep and meat chickens that provide the meat for our customers. Egg chickens, geese, ducks, cats, dogs, horses and ponies also call Walker Farm their home.

‚ÄčOur family strives to keep an organized farm with healthy and happy animals whether or not they are intended for the dinner table. Call us, look us up on Facebook, or just stop by to see for yourself what a good thing we have going!

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It's a little know fact that the original Farm house still stands today, but it isn't where you would expect it to be. The Walker farm use to span over several hundred acres which now belongs to the city, including what is now know as Hoffman Park. The Walker's original farm house sits right on Division Street and has been updated to accommodate today's larger house expectations. Although the old farm house is no longer in the family's possession, it serves as a nice reminder of the long history we have with River Falls.