​Walker Farm raises grass fed Angus, Herefords, and Angus/Hereford crosses. We find these breeds work best for our farm, providing muscle bulk and an even temperament. 

The Farm started with 2 extremely high quality Hereford heifers who make up the base of our breeding program and whom have been bred to Angus bulls the past 2 years.

Our cows are naturally raised and grass fed. As a family based operation, we are not interested in the "quick money" that many feed lots provide. We want our animals to grow like nature intended with low stress and on great natural foods.

*BEEF IS AVAILABLE FOR 2017 - Email for details*

Walker Farm has two different groups of chickens, one for laying our beautiful eggs and the other for the dinner table.

Cows, Pigs and Chickens - Oh My!

If you are wondering what the big deal is about grass raised beef, here are some great articles!

Our "Lady Layers" consist of several breeds including mostly Wyandottes, Leg horns​, black specialties, and one Easter egger! We also have 8 very spoiled geese who gift us with eggs periodically

We sell Pork by the: 

  • Full
  • Half

​​*$1.50/lb. hanging weight

Processing is currently done at a local butcher shop

Walker Farm raises Duroc and Yorkshire crosses. The Duroc provides us with pigs that have a quick growth and maturity rate, deep body, broad ham and shoulder, and quiet disposition. While the Yorkshire side gives us good mothering ability, larger litters, more length, and more scale & frame on the pig.

​We provide our pigs with ground corn meal and are working on pasture area for them to forage around on.

A happy pig is worth it's weight in Bacon!! 

*wink wink*

**We sell eggs for$3 a Doz, they average in size from large to extra large in brown and white. 

Feeling adventurous? Try a goose egg, many swear by them!

Natural Free-Range Chickens

We raise Broiler chickens for meat about every 6 months or so. They are widely used in the market and produce high quality meat

Here a good website for knowing whats what.


*Our chickens are sold whole and average $15.00 depending on size

*Pork is available for Fall 2017- Email for details*

At Walker Farm, we believe that keeping our animals happy and healthy is a top priority. We pride    ourselves in clean living environments while providing the animals with a humane life (whether or      not they end up on the dinner table).​​ We provide acres of rich grass for our animals to feed off of, just like the good old days. You won't see any feed lots here!! 

We sell Beef by the: 

  • Full
  • Half
  • Quarter

$3.00/lb. hanging weight

Processing is currently done at a local butcher shop